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We are Verity Interactive, the leading AI hospitality solution provider that helps both individual hotels and large groups to optimize their Operational Dynamics, Revenue and Profitability and drive superior Guest Experiences

Shape the future

Revolutionize the way Hotels manage their guests and their data.

Revenue Management and CRM supplemented by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Gives hotels the competitive edge!

Unify in one platform all your internal and external data, maximize their quality and act as a a multi-property PMS and Single Version of Truth for your enterprise

Guest Management Platform (CRM)

Know Your Customer like never before!

Customer resolution, advanced CRM functionality and our unique customer DNA model including Real-Time Clustering, Customer Lifetime Value and hundreds of Hotel-Related scores and values around the individual

Revenue Management (RM) & Property Intelligence

The most comprehensive hospitality analytical model on the market!

Optimize your Operational Dynamics and sale the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price

Guest Experience (GX)

Win customers and differentiate your brand from your competitors!

Create unique online (and offline) travel experiences through Hyper-Personalization, Next Best Offer for the each individual guest, Event-Based campaigns and award winning loyalty programs

AI First

While hotel AI is mainly staffing with robots, we use cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, Continuous Learning, Clustering and Statistical Modelling to increase revenue, optimize operations and provide a range of innovative guest experiences

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Data Integration & Cleansing

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Revenue and Yield Management

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Guest DNA & Continuous Learning

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Guest Deduplication

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Customer Journey Analysis

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Realtime Clustering

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Multi-property PMS environment

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Next Best Offer & Next Best Action

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Revenue Forecasting and risk identification

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Master Data Management

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Loyalty Management

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and CLTV Potential


Sales Mix Optimization and Distribution Strategy

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